Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac Perilous Conquest Starter Set 1089

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Saint Seiya

Knights of the Zodiac CCG Perilous Conquest Starter Set

A battle between the knights of Athena and the knights of Aries has begun. At stake is the sacred gold cloth of Sagittarius...and the world! The Knights if the Zodiac trading card game pits two players against each other in a battle where one must use their forces to attack and one to defend. An arsenal of Knight, Power of the Zodiac, Technique, and Field Cards are at the disposal of each player. Only those armed with the right strategy, a strong deck, and the will to succeed will be victorious! 


  • 18 Knight Cards
  • 17 Technique Cards
  • 5 Power of Zodiac Cards
  • 5 Field Cards
  • 1 Playmat
  • 1 Rule Book