Instagram & Twitter

Posted by Nova on Sep 4th 2019

Hey,I don't know how many of you follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  But if you do, may have noticed that I have not posted anything in a few months.  The reason for that is I had to get a … read more

Kuroko no Basuke

Posted by Nova on Apr 4th 2019

I know the American name for the series is Kuroko's Basketball, but I have always liked the Japanese name.It is my current favorite anime series. Soooo, I have been reluctant to list any items from Kn … read more
Pikachu Sale

Pikachu Sale

Posted by Nova on Nov 3rd 2018

To welcome the christmas holiday season.  I am having a sale on Pikachu items.  25% off till November 24th.  Over 100 items to choose from.If you have been waiting on that one item, now … read more

Flat Items

Posted by Nova on Feb 6th 2018

We have many flats for sale and it has come to my attention that our customers want a different shipping option.I have been very reluctant to add a different shipping option, due to a few problems.Lac … read more


Posted by Nova on Jan 4th 2018

Hello CustomersI just joined Discord and created my own chat room.  Now you can contact me directly with any questions you have and get a more prompt response.  I'm not going to promise an i … read more