New Unboxing Video

Posted by Nova on Jun 1st 2022

New unboxing video for Demon Slayers figures

Busy Busy Busy

Posted by Nova on Feb 26th 2022

So many things going on right now.  Since we went to the convention, restocking has begun.  Which means unboxing videos to be recorded, processing of stock, (inspection, documentation, … read more
We are Back

We are Back

Posted by Nova on Jan 8th 2022

Wow.Okicon was fun!!It was so good, I have already signed up for next year.  I am definitely going to do more conventions.Other than the Vendor/Dealer room, the best part was the TakeOne improv g … read more

Holiday Announcement

Posted by Nova on Dec 8th 2021

Merry Christmas!!I wanted to let everyone know that starting this week till Christmas Eve, I will be shipping everyday.  I am packing each night and shipping the next morning.  Hopefully, th … read more

Shipping Issues

Posted by Nova on Oct 18th 2021

Hey Customers,If you have been watching the news, you know that the situation with the mail service isn't looking good.  I have already been experiencing some problems.  Packages have become … read more