Pokemon Geodude Kid Figure Bandai Pokekid 7105074

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Pokemon Kid figure

  • Geodude
  • hollow kid figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Bandai 1997

rock pokemon, bolder pokemon, boulder pokemon, stone pokemon, geode pokemon, geeodude, gedude, geodud, geodoode, geodood, godude, godud, gode, イシツブテ Isitsubute, Racaillou, Kleinstein, 꼬마돌 Kkomadol, 小拳石 Síukyùhnsehk, 小拳石 Xiǎoquánshí, जियोड्यूड Geodude, Геодуд Geodud, Geodude is a gray boulder Pokémon. It has bulging, rocky eyebrows and trapezoidal, brown eyes. Its arms are muscular with five-fingered hands.