Pokemon Heracross mega Kid Figure Bandai Pokekid 7105214

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Pokemon Kid figure

  • Heracross mega
  • hollow kid figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Bandai 2014

 mega heracross toy, herecross, hairacross, hairecross, hericross, haricross, hairicross, hiricross, herracross, heracros, ヘラクロス Heracros, Scarhino, rhino beetle pokemon, beatle poekmon, beatle pokemon, hercules beetle, heracles pokemon, Skaraborn, horn beetle pokemon, 헤라크로스 Heracross, 赫拉剋羅斯, 赫拉克罗斯 Hèlākèluósī, 赫拉克勒斯 Hèlākèlèsī, Heracross is a bipedal, beetle-like Pokémon covered in a blue exoskeleton. There is a long, pronged horn on its forehead. The horn ends in a cross on the male and a heart-shape in the female. On either side of the horn is a short antenna with a spherical tip. Heracross has oval, yellow eyes. Its forearms have a pair of spikes near the wrists, while its thighs have a single spike each. It has two claws on its hands, and a single long claw on each foot. There is a single pair of wings covered by its carapace, Mega Heracross is bulkier than its previous form. Thin orange markings now rim its head, hands, and shoulders. Additionally, there is a half-circle, orange marking over its eyes. It now has a long, pointed nose that curves slightly upward. Its back now lacks wings and is completely yellow. The horn on its head has grown into a large, simple spike with two smaller spikes on the front. The antennae have lengthened as well, and now have ovoid tips. Mega Heracross's forearms have thickened and lost their spines.