Pokemon Turtwig Plush Toy Factory 7156037

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Pokemon plush

  • Turtwig
  • approx. 7 inches
  • Toy Factory 2008

Turtwig toy, turtle pokemon, tortwig, trutwig, tertwig, tirtwig, tiny leaf pokemon, ナエトル Naetle, Tortipouss, Chelast, 모부기 Mobugi, 草苗龜 / 草苗龟 Cǎomiáoguī, टर्टविग Turtwig, Тортвиг Tortvig, Тартуиг Tartuig, Turtwig is a small, light green, four legged Pokémon resembling a turtle or tortoise. Its eyes, feet, and lower jaw are yellow. Its body is covered by a brown shell that is composed of earth. The shell has a thick black stripe and a black rim. A small seedling grows on a brown patch on its head. As a plant Pokémon, sinnoh starter pokemon, sinnoh grass starter, sinnoh plant starter, Gen 4 pokemon, gen 4 grass pokemon,