Pokemon Shiftry Kid Figure Bandai Pokekid 7105275

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Pokemon Kid figure

  • Shiftry
  • hollow kid figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Bandai 2004

shiftree, shiftrea, shiftrae, shiftray, shiftrey, shiphtry, shiphtree, shitfry, shifrty, shiftyr, shyftry, shiftri, shyftri, shiftrii, siftrie, shiftrie, ダーテング Dirteng, Tengalice, Tengulist, 다탱구 Datenggu, 狡猾天狗 Jiǎohuátiāngǒu, शिफट्री Shiftry, Шифтри Shiftri, Shiftry is a bipedal, portly Pokémon that appears to be made of wood. A shaggy white mane covers most of its face and trails down its back. Long pointed ears poke out the top of its mane, and it has a long, pointed nose and a large mouth with teeth that are usually bared. Its eyes are yellow with black sclerae. This Pokémon's feet resemble Japanese tengu-geta. Three broad leaves with brown spokes form each of its hands