Pokemon Spinarak Kid Figure Bandai Pokekid 7105167

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Pokemon Kid figure

  • Spinarak
  • hollow kid figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Bandai 1999

spider pokemon, arachnid pokemon, spinrak, psinarak, spinarack, spinerack, spinnerack, spinnerak, spinnarak, spinerac, spinarac, イトマル Itomaru, Mimigal, Webarak, 페이검 Peigeom, 線球 线球 Xiànqiú, स्पिनराक Spinarak, Спинарак Spinarak, Spinarak is a green, arachnoid Pokémon. It has black eyes with white pupils, a white horn on its head, red mandibles, and six yellow legs. A greenish-black stripe encircles the middle of each leg and the end of its abdomen. The greenish-black spots on its abdomen resemble a face that has been shown to change expression in the anime.