A3 Summer Tenma Sumeragi charm 7207001

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  • A3
  • Summer
  • Tenma Sumeragi
  • Charm
  • Swing Charm flat 
  • Bandai



A3! (エースリー, Ēsurī, acronym for "Act! Addict! Actors!") is a Japanese mobile game developed by Liber Entertainment.

Mankai Company is a theatre company for actors, who are split into four troupes and named after the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Having incurred a huge debt over the years after the sudden disappearance of its former director, Mankai Company is at the risk of shutting down. The player character joins as the director of the theatre company in order to save it from being shut down.

Tenma Sumeragi (皇 天馬, Sumeragi Tenma) orange hair