Bincho-tan Chiku-tan figure 7196010

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Anime Figure

  • Bincho-tan
  • Chiku-tan figure
  • approx. 2" Tall
  • Stand included
  • Yujin
  • 2006
  • Imported from Japan



Bincho-tan (びんちょうタン, Binchō-tan) is a mascot character, created by Japanese manga artist Takahito Ekusa (江草天仁, Ekusa Takahito)

The name is a play on words: binchōtan (備長炭) is a kind of charcoal, which is mainly used for cooking. However, -tan is a suffix created by the mispronunciation by young children of -san, that led to the suffix -chan. Relating to this dajare, the main cast is the moe anthropomorphic representations of different types of charcoal.

Chiku-tan (ちくタン)
Chiku-tan is an enthusiastic person who enjoys inventing things and helping others. Her hair is held with a piece of bamboo charcoal and the end moves when she has ideas, usually during problems. The viewer sees that like Binchō-tan, Chiku-tan also lives far from town in an old house but lives with others, her younger sister, Chiku-rin and her grandfather. She is afraid of ghosts. Chiku-tan often takes on jobs like Binchō-tan and after meeting, they quickly became friends. Chiku and Binchō also begin raising a dog together. She is named after takesumi; bamboo charcoal, as chikurin means 'bamboo grove'. Her birthday is on August 24.