Dance with Devils Dog Swing Charm 7196016

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Anime Keychain

  • Dance with Devils
  • Kazutomi Yamamoto (dog) Roen 
  • Charm
  • Swing Charm flat 
  • Rejet 2015



Dance with Devils (ダンス ウィズ デビルス,  Dansu Wizu Debirusu) is a Japanese anime television series.  Ritsuka Tachibana, a seemingly normal schoolgirl, suddenly finds herself become entangled in a conflict between devils and vampires at her school, with both sides believing she is the last remaining key to discovering the location of the forbidden grimoire, a powerful item that will give mastery over the world to whichever side obtains it first.

Kazutomi Yamamoto (dog) Roen (ローエン Rōen) is a main character of Dance With Devils. He is the loyal servant and watchdog of Lord Maksis, and he was previously the pet of Rem Kaginuki.