Fujimi Symphony Orchestra Pencil Board Shitajiki Movic

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Anime Pencil Board Shitajiki

  • Fujimi Symphony Orchestra
  • Kei & Yuki
  • Kō Akizuki
  • Approx. 8x11 inches
  • Movic


Fujimi Orchestra (Japanese: 富士見二丁目交響楽団, Hepburn: Fujimi Nichōme Kōkyō Gakudan, lit. "Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra") is a yaoi

Fujimi Orchestra is primarily about Kei Tonoin and Yuki Morimura's romance, but also follows their musical careers. After being berated by Tonoin time and again, Morimura says he wants to quit the orchestra. To prevent this, Tonoin steals his violin and leads him to his house, where he forces himself on the violinist. Upon realizing that the encounter is Morimura's first time with a male lover, he is remorseful and confesses his love, telling him that Kawashima does not love him. With emotions overwhelming him, Morimura flees, but slips down a flight of wet stairs. Tonoin nurses the injured violist back to health, proving his devotion is genuine. In the end, Morimura stays with Fujimi Orchestra despite Tonoin's continued pressure to improve his playing while surreptitiously pursuing the man behind closed doors.