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Anime Pencil Board

  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
  • Imported from Japan
  • Movic
  1. Eisen
  2. Inori
  3. Shimon Nagareyama
  4. Tenma Morimura & Minamoto no Yorihisa
  5. Fujiwara no Takamichi & Tachibana no Tomomasa
  6. Tachibana no Tomomasa





The Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (遙かなる時空の中で; Literally: "Within a Distant Time") series is a romantic adventure video game series made by Ruby Party for the female audience. Variations of the Japanese romanization found in official sources include "Harukanaru Tokinonakade", "Haruka naru tokino nakade", "Harukanaru Tokino Nakade" or "Harukanaru Toki no Nakade". 

Though characters and the era may change, there are some crucial elements that remain within each entry. Each game takes place in a parallel world, mainly focusing on a land that behaves like Japan. Two dragon gods have constructed this world, keeping equilibrium by gently watching over its inhabitants. One dragon is known as the White Dragon, the embodiment of yang and ruler of the five elements. Its opposite, or its yin counterpart, is the Black Dragon who is gifted with the power to grant respite to the world. When both dragons combine their strengths, they are known as Yinglong, a guardian of the world's capital. Those within the dragons' blessings are granted a life of unmistakable serenity.

Dragon gods choose to watch the world from afar, unwilling and incapable of dwelling too deeply into human affairs. If humanity disturbs the peaceful balance, the five elements will be led astray and hazardous irregularities will appear within the world. These distortions may corrupt various residing deities and spirits, transforming them into vengeful spirits (怨霊, onryou). People may also cast curses on one another and defile their spirits. These defilements may cause pestilence, famine and despair. Leaving them unattended for long periods of time may kill those afflicted.

To restore order, each dragon god will endow their powers to a young girl. These dragons only choose those who they find worthy of their trust and may test their inheritor's willpower. Should they not find a girl within their world, the dragon god may be capable of traveling through time to find her. Once she is located, they don her their priestess and form an instinctive bond with them. If the girl wishes and prays strongly, the gods will answer her. Because of her powers, each dragon priestess is seen as an honorable living treasure in the parallel world.

The main protagonists in the series —except for the sixth entry— each act as their era's White Dragon Priestess. She possesses the power to purify and seal vengeful spirits and defilements. Additionally, she has the innate ability to control the five elements by personally exploring the parallel world. Since the White Dragon Priestess is a magnet for attracting malevolent spirits, the White Dragon has his four servants act as her aides. Eight men are entrusted with the powers of these four deities, personifying both the Heavenly and Earthly aspects for each god. They are named after the eight symbols and are called the Eight Guardians. Once they build a trusting bond with one another, the priestess and guardians can unleash their true powers to defeat their adversaries.