Koucha Ouji Pencil Board Shitajiki Movic Black Tea Prince

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Anime Pencil Board Shitajiki

  • Koucha Ouji
  • Black Tea Prince
    • Earl Grey
    • Assam
  • by Yamada Nanpei
  • Approx. 8x11 inches
  • Movic


Koucha Ouji (also known as Black Tea Prince or Tea Prince) is a shoujo manga by Yamada Nanpei. According to a legend, at midnight during the full moon, if you mix a cup of tea in a white china cup with a silver spoon in the reflection of the moon, a tea prince will appear to grant you three wishes! Well, as it turns out, the legend is true, as Taiko, Yukiko and Haruka of the Tea Association soon discover. Earl Grey and Assam appear ready to grant the wishes of those who brewed their tea but they can't really grant big wishes.. nor can they go back to their world until their summoners use all three wishes...

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