Flat Items

Posted by Nova on Feb 6th 2018

We have many flats for sale and it has come to my attention that our customers want a different shipping option.

I have been very reluctant to add a different shipping option, due to a few problems.

  1. Lack of control when a customer uses the lower shipping option for none flat items.
  2. No tracking for shipping letters.  (USPS only provides tracking on packages)
  3. We could base shipping on weight, but this would negate the $5 shipping and increase the cost to most customers.

So, I have been struggling to find a way to make my customers happy.  For now I am sticking with the Flat Rate of $5, but I have created a coupon code for a Flats Only discount.  It will reduce the shipping cost to $1.50, but there will be no tracking with this option.

New customers will have to contact me to get the code, but I am providing it to you here.


Please continue to let me know what I can do to improve your experience with our company.

Thank you,