Image branding

Image branding

Posted by Nova on Sep 28th 2017

May I ask a question?

Recently I was researching some products and encountered pictures of my own products.  Unfortunately, they linked to pintrest or led nowhere.  The images were out there, but didn't tell the viewer about my site or have anyway for them to find me.  So, I have added Watermarks to my images.  Every product going forward will have my site branded on to the image.

My question is... What do you think?  Does it ruin my product images?  Do you think it will discourage purchasing?

I don't particularly care for the look with the smaller images, but the larger ones look okay to me.

But I would like my customers' opinions.

Thank you,


Pokemon Groudon Clear Tomy figure

Pokemon Groudon Clear Tomy Figure

Hikaru no Go Tetsuo Kaga Keychain

Hikaru no Go Tetsuo Kaga Keychain