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Posted by Nova on Sep 4th 2019


I don't know how many of you follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  But if you do, may have noticed that I have not posted anything in a few months.  The reason for that is I had to get a normal boring office job that sucked out most of my time (and will to live).  While I am able to keep up with orders (for the most part), I do not have time for anything else.

Anyone who has ordered from me in July & August, you may have noticed that it took 3-5 days to ship out some orders.  Add on top of that the last 2 weeks I have been bedridden.  I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  Do not google it unless you have a strong stomach (*gags*).  

I am sorry for waiting for so long to ship out orders from August 22nd to September 1st.  This is only the second day that I am out of bed and able to spend time at my computer.

Unfortunately, I hate social media.  It is very difficult for me and was easily the first thing that I dropped when I ran out of time.  I will try to post again, because I know it is important to have a media presence. But it is unlikely that it will be consistent. One of these days, I want to get an assistant that will take over the social media posts (that is the dream).

The plan is to resume adding more products to the website and re-engaging the social media.

Because ultimately, I love The Couch Potato.  If I have to go without sleep and work while I am ill, than that is what I'll do.  I refuse to give up my dream.  One day, I will re-open my store and dedicate all my time to this business.

I feel better.

I really needed to reaffirm my commitment and dedication.

Thanks for listening.