Karaoke Revolution Vol 2 Sony PS2

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Playstation 2 Video Game System

  • Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2
  • case & booklet
  • Konami
  • 2004

Product Information
Like the original, Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2 is a music-based game that challenges players to use their singing voices to score big. The Karaoke Revolution games are by Konami, the same company that spawned the Dance Dance Revolution craze. While the DDR titles make use of floor-mat controllers, the Karaoke Revolution games use a headset microphone device that plugs into the PlayStation 2's USB slot. The game is designed to analyze the player's vocal performance, based on pitch and rhythm.

The North American release of Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 features nearly three dozen popular songs from a range of eras and styles, including "Born To Be Wild," "Friends in Low Places," "Heartbreak Hotel," "It's My Life," "I've Got You Under My Skin," "I Will Survive," "Let's Get It On," "My Girl," "Papa Don't Preach," "Rock and Roll All Night," "Sweet Home Alabama," "The Joker," and "White Flag."

Product Identifiers
Publisher: Konami
Game: Karaoke Revolution Volume 2
UPC: 083717200833

Key Features
Platform: Sony PlayStation 2 PS2
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
Genre: Simulation

Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor: Lyrics
Control Elements: Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players: 1-8
Release Year: 2004
Game Special Features:

  • 35 new songs including dance, country, R&B, and rock
  • Link songs in "Medley" mode or get singing quickly in "Short Song" mode
  • Adjust difficulty levels to your level of singing

Game Series: Karaoke Revolution Series