Pokemon Ddakji Tiles Hoenn Group 3

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7285-Hoenn G3
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Pokemon Ddakji tiles

  1. Treecko
  2. Grovyle
  3. Sceptile
  4. Torchic
  5. Combusken
  6. Blaziken
  7. Mudkip
  8. Marshtomp
  9. Marshtomp
  10. Swampert
  11. Zigzagoon
  12. Lotad
  13. Lombre
  14. Ludicolo
  15. Wingull
  16. Pelipper
  • 1.25x1.25 inches
  • Nintendo
  • Korea

Ddakji, sometimes called ttakji, is a traditional South Korean game played using tiles. 

To play Korean ddakji, choose a throwing player. The other player places his ddakji tile on the table. The throwing player tries to throw his tile so that it makes the other player's tile flip over. If he is successful, he gets to keep the tile. 

Throwing ddakji looks simple, but getting the angle and force necessary to flip the other player's tile takes practice.