Pokemon Steelix Kid Figure Bandai Pokekid 7105208

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Pokemon Kid figure

  • Steelix
  • hollow kid figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Bandai 2000

steelix toy, stealix, steelex, stealex, steelx, stelix, stelex, staelix, iron snake pokemon, rock snake pokemon, stone snake pokemon, rock dragon pokemon, rock worm pokemon, steel worm pokemon, steel dragon pokemon, stone worm pokemon, boulder pokemon, ハガネール Haganeil, Stahlos, 강철톤 Gangcheolton, 大鋼蛇 / 大钢蛇 Dàgāngshé, Steelix is a long, serpentine Pokémon with a silvery-gray body made up of rock-like sections, which can possess chips and scrapes from fights and tunneling. Three of those sections have long rock spikes coming out of them on either side. It has a massive head mainly made up of its large, wide jaw with sets of large square teeth inside. Along it bottom jaw are ridges: there are two pairs of ridges on a male Steelix, while there is only one pair on a female. Several small, square lumps cover the underside of its lower jaw. Its eye sockets are slightly deep set, and the eyes themselves are red. Its head has two long ridges going from the eyes up to the top of its head. The tip of its tail is conical with a blunt tip.