Pokemon Genesect Clipping Figure Pokemon Center 7222079

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Pokemon Clipping Figure

  • Genesect
  • approx 1 inch tall
  • Pokemon Center
  • 2013


Genesect toy, genasect, genisect, jenesect, jegasect, jenisect, ganasect, ganesect, janasect, janesect, genusect, jenusect, purple insect, purple insect pokemon, robot insect, robot insect pokemon, red insect pokemon, red robot pokemon, red insect pokemon, ゲノセクト, 게노세크트, Genosekeuteu, 蓋諾賽克特, 盖诺赛克特, Gàinuòsàikètè, enesect is a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a metal body and a saucer-shaped head. It is primarily purple with several gray markings. It has two large red eyes and a small white part that could be either its mouth or a vent. It has thin arms with overlapping segments. Each arm ends with a single, pointed claw. There is a gray circle on each shoulder, and a gray band around its abdomen. Its segmented legs each end with a large, upward curving claw,