Pokemon Horsea Case figure Nintendo 7222070

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Pokemon Case figure

  • Horsea
  • approx. 1 inch tall
  • Nintendo
    • Missing dome & base


horsea toy, horsee, whorsee, whorsea, whoresea, whoresee, horsesea, horsesee, horsey, horsie, horsi, horsii, seahorse pokemon, seapony pokemon, sea pony, dragon fish, タッツー, Tattu, Hypotrempe, Seeper, 쏘드라, Ssodra, 噴墨海馬, Pānmahkhóimáh, 墨海馬, 墨海马, Mòhǎimǎ, होरसी, Horsea, Хорси, Khorsi, Horsea is a small, blue, seahorse-like Pokémon with a single dorsal fin and a tightly curled tail. Its eyes are red and its ridged belly and dorsal fin are cream-colored. It has a long, tubular mouth and three spike-like projections on either side of its head,