Pokemon Samurott Bottle cap figure 7619003

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Pokemon toy figure

  • Samurott
  • Bottle cap figure
  • approx 2.5 inches tall
  • Imported from Japan


Samurott, Samurott toy, samurot, samerott, samuratt, sameratt, samurote, samerotte, samertte, samrott, samurtte, samurtt, smaurott, formidable pokemon, water starter, water starter 3rd evelution, water starter 2nd evelution, ダイケンキ, Daikenki, Clamiral, Admurai, 대검귀, Daegeomgwi, 大劍鬼, 大剑鬼, Dàjiànguǐ, Самуротт, ไดเคนคิ, Daikenki, Samurott is a quadruped, blue, sea lion-like Pokémon. It has two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. Long, white whiskers extend from its snout and head, and it has a red nose and eyes. On the back of its head is a large, rounded beige helmet-like shell with spikes and a spear-like, pointed protrusion in the front. A dull bluish gray seashell-like carapace covers its underbelly, and its limbs are covered with beige, sectioned bracer-like coverings, that appear to be made of seashells. The forelimbs' bracers are actually swords called seamitars. The lower two segments of these bracers are the scabbards for the two swords, and the upper segment and spike make up the seamitar and its handle. Samurott possess three black digits on each limb, and a fin-like, splayed tail with the innermost section being beige