Pokemon Clefairy Tomy Figure 5419-113

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Pokemon Tomy Figure

  • Clefairy
  • approx 2 inch tall
  • Tomy

fairy pokemon, fearie, pokemon,  ピッピ Pippi,  Mélofée, Piepi, 삐삐 Ppippi, 皮皮 Pèihpèih, 皮皮 Pǐpǐ, क्लफेरी Clefairy, Kleferi ,  Klefėja, Клефэйри Klefeyri, cleferi, clefere, cleferee, cleferea, clefari, clefaree, clefarea, clefarey, cleefairy, clifairy, cleafairy, clafairy, clafaree, clafarea, clafary, clafarie, clafairie, Clefairy is a bipedal, pink Pokémon with a chubby, vaguely star-shaped body. A small, pointed tooth protrudes from the upper left corner of its mouth. It has wrinkles beside its black, oval eyes, dark pink, oval markings on its cheeks, two small wings, and large, pointed ears with brown tips. A tuft of fur curls over its forehead, much like its large, upward-curling tail. Each stocky arm has two small claws and a thumb on each hand, and each of its feet has a single toenail.