Pokemon Sunflora Tomy Figure

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Pokemon Tomy Figure

  • Sunflora
  • approx 2 inch tall
  • Tomy


Sunflora, sunflora toy, sunflower pokemon, sunfloora, sunfloru, sunflorua, sonflora, sanflora, sunflor, snflora, sunlfora, sun pokemon, キマワリ, Kimawari, Héliatronc, Sonnflora, 해루미, Haerumi, 向日花怪, Heungyahtfāgwaai, 向日花怪, Xiàngrìhuāquài, Sunflora is a Pokémon with a sunflower-like design. Its trunk and limbs are green, and its head is cream-colored. Its head is circular and has yellow petals growing along the rim. The petals become more vivid as the weather becomes warmer. Sunflora has leaves extending like arms from its round body and two toes on each foot., gen 2, gen two, gen II, pokemon gen 2, pokemon gen II,