Pokemon Cherubi Cherrim Zukan Figure 7239002

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Pokemon Zukan Figure

  • Cherubi
  • Cherrim Overcast
  • Cherrim Sunshine
  • approx .75 inches tall
  • 1/40 scale - No.420 No.421
  • T-Arts
  • Imported from Japan


Cherubi toy, churubi, charubi, cheruby, charuby, sherubi, churuby, cherubie, chirubie, charubie, cherubie, sherubie, shirubi, cherry pokemon, cherie pokemon, cherri pokemon, fruit pokemon, berry pokemon, チェリンボ, Cherinbo, Ceribou, Kikugi, 체리버, Cheriber, 櫻花寶, Yīng Huā Bǎo, ying hua bao, Cherubi is a small cherry-like Pokémon with a round, deep-pink body with two stubby feet. It has beady eyes and a purple-red stripe running down part of its face. Cherubi has a short stem with two big, green leaves and a second, much smaller head growing out of it, Cherrim, Cherrim toy, cherim, chirrem, cherrem, chirrim, cherium, cherrium, cheerium, cheerim, chirim, cherrim Overcast, cherrim sunshine, overcast cherrim, overcast cherrim, overcast form, sunshine form, チェリム, Ceriflor, Kinoso, 체리꼬, Cheriko, 櫻花兒, Yīngfāyìh, yingfayih, 櫻花兒, 樱花儿, Yīnghuā'ér, yinghuaer, Черрим, เชอริม, Choerim, ネガフォルム, Nega-Forme, negaforme, nega forme, 陰天形態, Yāmtīn, Yìhngtaai, yamtin, yihngtaai, 陰天形態, 阴天形态, Yīntiān, Xíngtài, yintian, xingtai, 陰天型態, Temps Couvert, Wolkenform, Forma Nuvola, 네거폼, Nega-Forme, Forma Nublada, Forma Encapotado, ฟอร์มมืดมน, Dạng âm u, ポジフォルム, Posi-Forme, 晴天形態, Chìhngtīn Yìhngtaai, chihngtin yihngtaai, 晴天型態, 晴天形態, 晴天形态, Qíngtiān Xíngtài, Qingtian xingtai, 晴天型態, Temps Ensoleillé, temps ensoleille, Sonnenform, Forma Splendore, 포지폼, Posi-Forme, Forma Solar, Forma Soleado, ฟอร์มแจ่มใส, Dạng quang đãng, Cherrim is a small Pokémon with two different forms, both of which are dependent on the weather. During normal weather conditions, Cherrim is in its Overcast Form. Two purple petals enclose its deep pink body. A short purple stem and a green leafy sepal sprout from the top of the petals. Its eyes appear to be near its short legs in this form.When there is strong sunlight, Cherrim is in its Sunshine Form. Pink petals similar to cherry blossoms surround its head and cover its chest. Several of the petals radiate outward from a yellow sphere on the back of its head. There is a small, triangular patch of green on its neck. Additionally, two berry-like orbs, resembling cherry-shaped hair ornaments, adorn its head. It has stubby limbs, with the arms being pink and the legs being yellow,