Pokemon Lugia Shiny Custom keychain 4456

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Pokemon keychain

  • Shiny Lugia
  • approx. 1 inch tall
  • Hand painted
  • Custom creation by Nova

Pokemon figure toy, Lugia Shiny, approx. 2.5 inches tall, Custom painted by Nova, shiny Lugia figure, shiny Lugia toy, shiny Lugia, pokemon shiny, Shiny pokemon, Pokemon Lugia, Lugia toy, Lugia, Lugia toy, Lugia figure, lewgia, lugea, lewgea, luwgia, luwgea, loogai, lugai, loogia, loogea, lugiu, lewgeu, loogeu, loogu, lugiah, lugiuh, lewgiah, lgia, white bird pokemon, legendary bird, legendary white bird, white dragon pokemon, diving pokemon, ルギア, 루기아, Rugia, 利基亞, Leihgēi'a, 洛奇亞, 洛奇亚, Luòqíyǎ, Luòqíyà, לוגיה, लूगिया, Лугиа, ลูเกีย, Lugia is a large Pokémon that resembles a dragon, a plesiosaur, and a bird. It is primarily pale silver-white, but it has blue undersides with slightly varying tones. It has a ridged mouth similar to a beak, although it has pointed teeth on its lower jaw. Its head has a point to the back, and Lugia's eyes have pointed blue or black spikes on them. Lugia has a long, slender neck and a smooth, streamlined body. Dark blue or black plate-like protrusions run down the length of its back, and there are two smaller, more pointed ones on the end of its tail,