Pokemon Xerneas Keychain 7222036

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Pokemon keychain

  • Xerneas
  • can badge key chain
  • approx. 2.5 inches tall
  • Pokemon Inc 2013
  • Imported from Japan


Xerneas, Xerneas toy, zurneus, zurnius, xernius, zernias, xernias, zernis, xernis, zerneus, Life Pokémon, Life Pokemon, reindeer pokemon, deer pokemon, legendary deer, legendary reindeer, rainbow horns pokemon, pokemon rainbow horns, antler pokemon, blue black deer, stag pokemon, pokemon stag, black blue deer, deer rainbow antlers, ゼルネアス, 제르네아스, 哲爾尼亞斯, Jityíhnèihasī, 哲爾尼亞斯, Zhé'ěrníyǎsī, क्सारनियास, Зирнис, เซอเนียส, Zirnis, Xerneas is a quadruped, stag-like Pokémon with four pairs of antlers. Its coloration varies slightly depending on which mode it is in: Active Mode or Neutral Mode. Regardless of mode, its main body is always black with a blue stripe down its back and a short, bushy tail. Starting at its knees there is a blade-like trim around each leg, which forms a point under each hoof. There is an upside-down, V-shaped marking on its chest in the same color as the trim on its legs. Its head and neck are blue, and there are two large, tufts that extend onto its chest and curve upward. Its first pair of antlers extends onto its head and curves around the underside of its eyes. The eyes are black with X-shaped pupils. There is a short marking on top of its snout and an upward curving horn on each side of its head in place of ears,