Pokemon Charmander Burger King meal toy 3D Action Card 7158001

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Pokemon Burger King meal toy

  • Charmander
  • 3D Action card figure
  • approx. 3 inches tall
  • Burger King 2000
  • Does NOT light up
    • Back image: Moltres

charmander pokemon, lizard pokemon, fire lizard pokemon, ヒトカゲ, Hitokage, Salamèche, Glumanda, 파이리, Pairi, 小火龍, Síufólùhng, 小火龍, 小火龙, Xiǎohǔolóng, تشارمندر, Charmander, Чармандър, Charmandŭr, צ'רמנדר, Charmander, चारमेंडर, Charmander, Žavingasis, Чармандер, Charmander, ฮิโตคาเงะ, Hitokage, charmandar, chermander, chermander, charmandr, Charmander is a bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a primarily orange body. Its underside from the chest down and its walking pads are cream-colored. It has two small fangs visible in its upper jaw and two smaller fangs in its lower jaw. Charmander has blue eyes. Its arms and legs are short with four fingers and three clawed toes. A fire burns at the tip of this Pokémon's slender tail,