Pokemon Koffing Burger King meal toy Top

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Pokemon Burger King meal toy

  • Koffing
  • Top
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Burger King 1999

Koffing toy, coffing, koffin, coughing, koughing, kofing, cofing, kouffing, koghing, koufing, coufing, poison gas pokemon, cloud pokemon, meteor pokemon, purple meteor pokemon, skull cross bones pokemon, skull and cross bones pokemon, skull crossbones pokemon, skull and crossbones pokemon, poison cloud pokemon, purple gas pokemon, ドガース, Dogars, Smogo, Smogon, 또가스, Ttogas, 毒氣丸, Duhkheiyún, 瓦斯彈, 瓦斯弹, Wǎsīdàn, Gas bomb pokemon, Toxic gas ball pokemon, gas ball pokemon, smog pokemon, Koffing is a round Pokémon filled with toxic gases. It has vacant eyes and a wide mouth that usually has two pointed teeth in the upper jaw. However, a full set of teeth has been seen in the anime. Below its face is a cream-colored skull-and-crossbones marking. Several geyser-like protrusions, which usually release a mustard-colored gas, cover this Pokémon's body. Its purple skin is very thin, and over inflation can cause it to explode.