Pokemon Tangela Burger King meal toy Top 5403-43

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Pokemon Burger King meal toy

  • Tangela
  • Top
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Burger King 1999

Tangela toy, Tangela figure, tanla, tanela, tangla, tangled, blue worm pokemon, blue vine pokemon, spagetti pokemon, noodle pokemon, squigly pokemon, squiggly pokemon, tangle pokemon, tangled pokemon, knot pokemon, tangled knot pokemon, tangala, tengela, tentacle pokemon, tentacles, medusa pokemon, gorgon pokemon, モンジャラ, Monjara, Saquedeneu, 덩쿠리, Deongkuri, 長藤怪, Chèuhngtàhnggwaai, 蔓藤怪, Mànténgguài, टांगेला, Tangela, Тангела, Tangela, Tangela is a Pokémon covered by blue, seaweed-like vines that obscure its face. There is a small opening in the vines that reveals its eyes surrounded by a black space. The vines give Tangela a round shape, but it is unknown what it looks like without them. Its vines are covered in fine hair and are always growing. If damaged or lost, replacements are grown. There is a pair of red boot-like feet poking out from under the vines, but no visible arms.