Pokemon Cherubi Jakks Plush

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Pokemon Plush

  • Cherubi
  • About 6 inches tall
  • Jakks 

Pokemon Mini Plush Series 13 Cherubi Plush, Cherubi toy, churubi, charubi, cheruby, charuby, sherubi, churuby, cherubie, chirubie, charubie, cherubie, sherubie, shirubi, cherry pokemon, cherie pokemon, cherri pokemon, fruit pokemon, berry pokemon, チェリンボ Cherinbo, Ceribou, Kikugi, 체리버 Cheriber, 櫻花寶 Yīng Huā Bǎo, Cherubi is a small cherry-like Pokémon with a round, deep-pink body with two stubby feet. It has beady eyes and a purple-red stripe running down part of its face. Cherubi has a short stem with two big, green leaves and a second, much smaller head growing out of it,