Pokemon Kricketot Jakks Plush

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Pokemon Plush

  • Kricketot
  • About 6 inches 
  • Jakks 2007

kricketot, kricketot toy, kricketot item, kricket pokemon, kricketote, cricket, creicetot, cricketot, kriketot, cricetot, cricket pokemon, Cricket Pokémon, コロボーシ, Korobohshi, Crikzik, Zirpurze, 귀뚤뚜기, Gwittulttugi, 圓法師, Yuán Fǎ Shī, Kricketot is a bipedal, bug-like Pokémon. The majority of its body is red with a streak down its front and black cape-like marking on its back. Its head is encircled with a flat, white structure similar to a collar. A female has a bigger collar than a male. Two hard, black antennae with curled tips are connected to the head by a dark red segment. A similar dark red segment forms this Pokémon's nose, and it has small, black hands and feet, kricketot pokemon plush stuffed animal jakks pacific 2008 diamond and pearl, Pokemon Series 5 Kricketot 5-Inch Plush JAKKS PACIFIC, Pokemon Mini Plush Series 5 Kricketot Plush, Pokemon Mini Plush Series 5 Kricketot Plush, Jakks Pacific Pokemon Series 5 Kricketot 13cm Plush, Kricketot Mini Pokemon Plush Toy, Pokemon Mini Plush Series 5 Kricketot Plush, Pokemon Plush Kricketot Jakks doll stuffed soft figure toy D&P,