Pokemon Munna Reversible Jakks Plush

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Pokemon Plush

  • Munna
  • About 10 inches tall
  • Jakks 2011
  • Reversible plush
    • transforms into a pokeball

Munna toy, muuna, moona, muna, monna, moena, moenna, muuna, muunna, dream eater pokemon, pink pokemon flowers, pink pokemon purple flowers, ムンナ Munna, Somniam, 몽나 Mongna, 食夢夢, 食梦梦Shímèngmèng, Мунна Munna, Munna is a pink, nearly spherical, quadruped Pokémon of indefinable basis. It has four tiny tapered limbs and a tapered snout that largely obscures its sizable mouth. It has shiny, oval, red eyes with two discernible upper eyelashes. Between its eyes is an oval spot in a darker shade of pink, from which Munna can expel Dream Mist. Purple, five petal flower markings with dark pink centers ornament much of its body. It is able to constantly float in the air