Pokemon Riolu Mystery Dungeon Jakks Plush

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Pokemon Plush

  • Riolu
  • Mystery Dungeon
  • Explorers of Sky
  • About 6 inches tall
  • Jakks 2009

Riolu red scarf, Mystery dungeon plush, explorers of sky plush, Riolu toy, reolu, reowlu, reelu, reolew, riolew, Emanation pokemon, リオル Riolu, 리오르 Riolu, 利奧路 Leih'oulouh, 利歐路, 利欧路 Lì'ōulù, Риолу Riolu, Riolu is a small, blue, canine Pokémon. It has black legs and torso, a blue tail, and a yellow collar. It has rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws. It has a black "mask" and red eyes. It stands on its toes instead of its entire foot. two black appendages that hang down from its head