Pokemon Wartortle attack Pencil Topper 6429009

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Pokemon School Supplies

  • Wartortle
  • Pencil Topper
  • approx 1" tall
  • Bandai

Wartortle toy, turtel pokemon, turtle pokemon, カメール, Kameil, Carabaffe, carapace baffe, Schillok, Schildkröte Locke, 어니부기, Eonibugi, 卡美龜, Kāméihgwāi, 卡咪龜, 卡咪龟, Kǎmīguī , Уортортъл, Uortortŭl, वर्तोर्तल, Wartortle, Karvėžlys, Вартортл, Vartortl, tortoise pokemon, warturtle, worturtle, wortortle, wartortl, wartortll, wartortill, wortortill, werturtle, worturtle, worturtill, warturtel, wartortel, wartrotle, Wartortle is a bipedal, indigo Pokémon similar to a turtle. It has brown eyes, a dark blue streak on each cheek, and two sharp teeth protruding from its upper jaw. It has three clawed fingers and pointed toes. Pale blue fur covers its long ears and tail. A brown shell with a pale yellow underside encases its body. A thick, white rim separates the upper and lower halves of the shell.