Pokemon Oshowatt Soap figure Toy Bandai 7239011

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Pokemon Soap Figure

  • Oshowatt
  • approx. 1 inches tall
  • Bandai
  • Imported from Japan


Oshawott, Oshawott toy, ashowott, ashawatt, oshawatt, oshuwatt, oshawutt, oshusutt, oshuwutt, ashowott, ashewatt, ashewott, ashawott, ashuwott, Sea Otter Pokémon, ミジュマル, Mijumaru, Moustillon, Ottaro, 수댕이, Sudaengi, 水水獺, 水水獭, Shuǐshuǐtǎ, Ошавотт, Oshavott, มิจูมารุ, Mijumaru, Oshawott is a bipedal sea otter-like Pokémon. It has a spherical white head with small, triangular dark-blue ears on the sides. Oshawott's eyes are dark and its dark orange nose is shaped like a horizontal oval. Several freckles cover its cheeks which may be premature whiskers, and two pointed teeth can be seen when it opens its mouth. The light blue fur on its body forms bubble shapes around its neck. Its arms are white and rounded, while its feet are dark blue with three toes each. It also possesses a rudder-like dark blue tail. It carries a pale yellow seashell called a "scalchop" on its belly, shell on belly, seashell on belly, shell on stomach, seashell on stomach, otter pokemon, sea otter pokemon, seaotter pokemon,