Pokemon Meganium Burger King meal toy

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Pokemon Burger King meal toy

  • Meganium
  • plastic card figure
  • approx. 2 inches tall
  • Burger King 2000


Meganium, meganium toy, meganeum, meganim, meganeem, muganium, miganium, maganium, mganim, mganium, meganim, meanium, muganiem, muganem, Herb Pokemon, Herb Pokémon, メガニウム, Méganium, Meganie, 메가니움, 大竺葵, Daaihjūkkwàih, 大菊花, Daaihgūkfā, 大竺葵, Dàzhúkuí, 大菊花, Dàjúhuā, Dajuhua, Dazhukui, Daaihgukfa, Daaihjukkwaih, Meganium is a quadrupedal, pale-green Pokémon that resembles a sauropod dinosaur. It has a long neck; yellow eyes; a short, blunt snout; and two stamen-like antennae on top of its snout. The antennae are shorter on a female than on a male. Encircling Meganium's neck are large, pink flower petals with a yellow central pattern and white edges. It has three claws on each foot and a stubby tail,