Incredible! Item was bought on Sept 15th, expected delivery between Sept 20 & Oct 6 but it arrived on the 19th way early! Excellent delivery, used item that looked totally new! I contacted seller several times, seller was always polite and quick to answer! This seller is amazing!!!

- Allen Littrell

The comic I ordered came in well within the delivery time frame estiamte (actually, toward the earlier end) and though the box it was shipped in was damaged, the comic itself was bagged and in mint condition. Well done.

- Liquidmetalguy

Birthday present for my friend. Her birthday is Wednesday and I was worried it wouldn't be here in time. I ordered it Sunday (the 20) night and it arrived Yesterday in the mail. Speedy delivery just what I like!! :)

- Resa

I participated in the Zukanvas GA and won a Meowth applause plush. The GA was very well run and the item was shipped super fast. Wonderful communication, too! Highly recommended :)

- Tiirabird

I apologize for this feedback being so overdue, but I participated in a GA run by this member and won two Octillery pan stickers. The whole GA went really smoothly and my stickers arrived quickly! Two great transactions so far with couchpotatonet. :)

- Dukeburger

I bought a Lapras mini model from couchpotatonet. I saw the Lapras in a large lot they had purchased and asked if they would be willing to sell it to me. We arranged the sale via PM and couchpotatonet kept in great contact. It was a very smooth transaction. Thank you so much!

- Mazzewsaurusrex

Another fantastic GA! couchpotatonet is so firmly established that just seeing the name attached to a GA kind of makes me want to participate, solely because I know it will be expertly handled. Great "brand name" loyalty is established in this customer!

- Meowthcollector

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