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  • Ace of Diamond
  • Kominato Haruichi
    • 小湊 春市
  • Animate Cafe
    • waiter dropping dishes
  • Clip key chain
  • Swing Charm flat 


Ace of Diamond ( ダイヤのA,  Daiya no Ēsu, also known as Diamond's Ace) is a Japanese shōnen baseball manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima and published by Kodansha.

The series follows Eijun Sawamura, a baseball pitcher with a very unusual change of pitch that has occurred naturally. Sawamura plans to go with his friends to a local high school and play baseball to the best of their abilities. However, one scout from the prestigious Seidou High approaches him and offers him a scholarship and a chance to make it to the nationals. Sawamura decides to pay a visit to the school, and it changes his entire outlook on the future.

Haruichi Kominato (小湊 春市, Kominato Haruichi) is a first-year second baseman of the team, Haruichi is a naturally talented, all-rounder baseball player. Despite his small stature and frail appearance, he has pinpoint precision while batting the ball, able to hit it as wide and as far as he pleases, and control where the ball lands. He also is extremely talented at defense, able to catch a ball in the air and throw it while still floating. He is often noted to have amazing baseball sense, able to decide in a split second where to hit the ball, what to watch for, and when to steal. His ability in baseball exceeds his older brother’s, Ryousuke Kominato, who is first-string player and also a second baseman. The only thing lacking is his stamina, which he works hard on improving.