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  • Ace of Diamond
  • Sanada Shunpei
    • 真田 俊平
  • Animate Cafe
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  • Clip key chain
  • Swing Charm flat 


Ace of Diamond ( ダイヤのA,  Daiya no Ēsu, also known as Diamond's Ace) is a Japanese shōnen baseball manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima and published by Kodansha.

The series follows Eijun Sawamura, a baseball pitcher with a very unusual change of pitch that has occurred naturally. Sawamura plans to go with his friends to a local high school and play baseball to the best of their abilities. However, one scout from the prestigious Seidou High approaches him and offers him a scholarship and a chance to make it to the nationals. Sawamura decides to pay a visit to the school, and it changes his entire outlook on the future.

Shunpei Sanada (真田 俊平, Sanada Shunpei) Yakushi High School