Pokemon Drifloon Jakks toy

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Jakks Pokemon toy

  • Drifloon
  • approx. 3 inches tall
  • Jakks 2008

Pokemon Vertical Battle Link Drifblim and Drifloon DP Battle Dimension

 Drifloon toy, Drifloon, driflon, driffloon, drifflon, driflloon, drifflloon, driftloon, driftlloon, driflun, drifluen, driftluen, driftlun, Balloon Pokémon, purple balloon, yellow heart, pokemon, purple balloon pokemon, pokemon balloon, pokemon purple balloon, フワンテ, Fuwante, Baudrive, Driftlon, 흔들풍손, Hundlpungson, 飄飄球, Piāo Piāo Qiú, Дрифлун, Driflun, ฟูวันเต, Fuwante, Drifloon has a spherical, purple body with two stringy arms that have yellow, heart-shaped hands on the ends of them. At the base of its body is a frayed protrusion that resembles the tied end of a balloon. In the very center of its body is a yellow tape-like "X", which contains its small mouth in the very center. Located on either side of the "X" are its small, black eyes. A white mass of fluff that resembles a cloud sits on top of Drifloon's head.