Pokemon Kricketune Jakks toy

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Jakks Pokemon toy

  • Kricketune
  • approx. 3 inches tall
  • Jakks 2008

kricketune, kricketune toy, kricktune, cricketune, cricktune, kriketune, criketune, cricetune, kricetune, kricketoon, krickatoon, kricketune, Cricket Pokémon, コロトック, Korotock, Mélokrik, Zirpeise, 귀뚤톡크, Gwittultock, 音箱蟀, Yīn Xiāng Shuài, โคโรท็อก, Korotock, Kricketune is a bipedal Pokémon with an insectoid appearance. Primarily red, there are three black, oval markings on its abdomen, a tan streak running down its neck to its belly, and a tan underside with a small, dark red marking above it. It has oval, gray eyes and a dark red, round nose. Black feelers with curled tips extend from either side of its nose, similar in appearance to a mustache. The male's mustache is longer than a female's. On top of its head are two antennae with conical bases, spherical centers, and long, thin tips. Kricketune has two small feet and a pair of black wings. This Pokémon's arms are shaped similar to its antennae and are crossed over its chest when it cries.