Pokemon Tapu Bulu Pin Nintendo 7504001

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Pokemon Pin

  • Tapu Bulu
  • approx 1 inch tall
  • Pokemon 2016


Tapu Bulu, tapo bulu, tapubulu, tapew, tapu, bulu, tapoo, tapoe, bolu, bewlew, boolo, boolu, buloo, bulo, bulew, bullew, tappew, tappu, taup, bluu, buul, Land Spirit Pokémon, sand spirit pokemon, grass, fairy, legendary, guardian deity, deity, カプ・ブルル, Kapu-Bulul, カプ, ブルル, Kapu-Toro, Kapu, Toro, Tokotoro, 카푸브루루, Kapubueruru, 卡璞,哞哞, Kǎpú Mōumōu, kapu, moumou, 卡璞, 哞哞, Kāpok Māumāu, Kapok, Maumau, Tapu Bulu is a vaguely bull-like Legendary Pokémon. Tapu Bulu has a bulky, black body with thick arms and no legs. It has blue eyes with an orange line across each iris. Under each eye is a red line divided into three segments with a smaller, white line below that. There is a short white line above each eye. In the middle of its face is what appears to be a golden nose similar to a bull's snout. There a white ring through the nostrils of the nose. On each side of its face is a thick white line that curves upward at the outer tip. There are red rings around its shoulders and golden, cloven hooves at the end of its arms. Its tail is mostly covered in a golden bell with two thin black rings around the top and a wavy black line around the bottom. A tuft of fur is just visible inside the bell. On top of its head is a pair of curved, black horns. Each horn has a thick yellow marking near the tip and half of a wooden shell attached to it,