Pokemon Tapu Fini Pin Nintendo 7504002

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Pokemon Pin

  • Tapu Fini
  • approx 1 inch tall
  • Pokemon 2016


Fini, Tapu Fini, Tapu, Water, Water pokemon, fairy, fairy pokemon, Legendary, legendary pokemon, pokenon, Land Spirit Pokémon, Pokémon, カプ・レヒレ, カプ レヒレ, カプ, レヒレ, Kapu-Rehire, Kapu Rehire, Kapu, Rehire, Tokopisco, Kapu-Kime, Kapu Kime, Kime, 카푸느지느, Kapuneujineu, 卡璞・鰭鰭, 卡璞 鰭鰭, 卡璞・鳍鳍, 卡璞 鳍鳍, Kǎpú Qíqí, Kǎpú, Qíqí, qiqi, 卡璞・鰭鰭, 卡璞 鰭鰭, Kāpok Kèihkèih, Kāpok, Kèihkèih, Kapok Keihkeih, kapok, keihkeih, Tapu Fini is a vaguely swordfish-like Legendary Pokémon. Tapu Fini has a black body shaped similarly to a mermaid or fish. It has light blue eyes, white eyelids, and a light blue, fin-like marking around the outer corner of each eye. It has a white T-shaped marking on its forehead and a small, white V-shape on its chest. Around its shoulders are segmented purple rings and its long thin arms have webbed hands with three fingers. Each finger is tipped with a purple claw. On the front of its lower body is a light blue, fin-like projection with three spikes. It also has light blue fins on top of its head that resemble long, flowing hair. Tapu Fini's main body resides inside a violet shell that resembles a swordfish head when closed. The top half of the shell has a fin with light blue webbing on top and a thin, pointed spine on the front. On each side of the top shell are two C-shaped markings facing each other to form a rough circle. One marking is white and one is light blue, but both are outlined in black. These markings form the "eye" of the swordfish. Along the edges of both shell halves are a series of white triangles with black outlines.